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Our Education Models

Our EDUCATION models

High School model

New students complete their studies using core curriculum to achieve their high school diploma upon completion of required classes, credits, and exams. hool diploma, where they must pass all the exams and accumulate the required academic credits.  Students can be enrolled full- or part-time. 

High School students in grades 9-12 under the age of 18 need parent / guardian approval. See the program requirements for more information.


Students can recover individual classes that were incomplete for any reason at their current school.  Upon successful completion, LGS will transfer credits back to their home school to fulfill requirements at that location.  Students can take one class or as many as they need. However, credit recovery must be approved by LGS. 




LATAM Global School offers interesting and comprehensive elective courses for the basic credit requirements for high school graduation. These courses are perfect for high school students who want to improve their academic record with additional credits as they prepare for college.

Full-time or part-time: 12th grade high school students, under 18 years old need parental / guardian approval. See the program requirements for more information.

Adult Accelerated High School Model

LATAM Global School offers individuals over age 18 to complete their high school diplomas by taking virtual online classes. Adults have the option to follow the 18 or 24-credit path.    

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