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LATAM Global School

We are a private, K-12 school based in Jacksonville, Florida. We provide online instruction through distance education. 


LATAM Global School is dedicated to training students with challenging curriculum to promote their development to full potential and to set the foundation for graduates to lead full lives.  Improved quality of life leads to a greater capacity to positively contribute to your community and in the global economy with bilingual skills and a strong educational foundation.  Our students undergo authentic learning experiences as global citizens that contribute to their academic success and in other areas of their lives.


One of our goals is to give students the benefit of educational freedom. Our learning platform provides students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and to make choices about the most convenient and comfortable options for when, where, and how they want to study. 


Another important goal is to maintain an affordable educational program in Latin America.  We recognize how important education is to success in higher education and the work force.  Therefore, we are dedicated to providing education that is accessible and cost-effective to all students who can benefit from education based on American standards. 

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