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Virtual High School


Quality and Excellence for all of Latin America
through our virtual school.

LATAM Global School was founded by our CEO and founder, Evelyn Torres, with the goal of bringing international education to Latin America and other countries. We offer a fully legal and accredited American virtual high school program at an affordable cost, eliminating the need for students to travel to the United States.

With over 2500 students, we have graduated students in various countries in Latin America and around the world. LGS is committed to providing opportunities and a technological approach to countries where international American education is difficult to access. This empowers students to contribute their knowledge to their own countries and the world through their education.

Our dedication and commitment are reflected in our core values. We aim to provide a technological, creative, and unique education that offers opportunities for students to dream of a brighter future, both within their home countries and beyond. This is why LGS is more than just a school; it’s a pathway to opportunities for those in need because success is achievable through education.


We are committed to offering border-free, equitable online education opportunities, shaping individuals in Latin America and worldwide into well-prepared global citizens for today’s demanding era.


To be a leading school in virtual education by connecting students from all over the world through technology, offering educational freedom and providing opportunities for development and progress in their environment.

Our Values


We are committed to excellence in educational services through our online platform.


Our goal is to instill integrity in our students for healthy educational development.


We do our utmost to provide quality education and academic experiences with a positive and excellent focus.


The freedom to work at your own pace ensures that you can fulfill your educational responsibilities, regardless of how busy your schedule may be.


Thinking outside the box is a quality that should be nurtured. Latam Global School offers different ways in which innovative students can have a fulfilling experience.


Our fundamental belief is that all students are valuable and need guidance to discover and develop their positive qualities. We understand that many students have experienced failure in the traditional education system. Therefore, our goal is to strive to find creative strategies that support each student’s learning to enable them to experience success and create a satisfying future.

Many students come to LATAM Global School for a variety of reasons. We make every effort to be non-discriminatory and provide a structured and supportive environment that fosters success and well-being.

LGS works with each student to assess their academic, professional, and personal goals to develop learning that suits their needs.

The opportunity for LGS to work in collaboration with parents or guardians is crucial for academic development.