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This is our methodology

At LGS, our educational methodology focuses on helping students find meaning behind everything they learn. We aim to broaden their perspective about the world and empower them to make a difference in their environment.

We use a constructivist methodology that emphasizes learning through experience and research. By engaging students in the learning process, we enable them to internalize concepts and apply them in real-world situations.

Our goal is to nurture their creativity and assist them in positively transforming their world.

At LATAM Global School, we understand that each student possesses unique skills and learning styles. For this reason, our instructors employ a personalized methodology during live classes, adapting to the individual needs of each student. By interacting with students and comprehending their requirements, our instructors can effectively and efficiently convey concepts while motivating students to explore and develop their skills and passions.

We encourage a positive and welcoming relationship between students and instructors, fostering open communication and creating a trusting environment that promotes learning and personal growth. We firmly believe that interpersonal relationships are key to effective learning and the development of essential social skills for success in life.

What is educational methodology?

Educational methodology revolves around various theories of learning, considering the roles not only of the teacher but also of the student as an active individual. There is no one methodology more effective than another. It largely depends on the context in which it is implemented and the characteristics of the student or group.

Technology and Innovation

We consider technology and innovation as fundamental tools in modern education. That’s why we use the most advanced technological resources to enhance our students’ educational experience, nurture their creativity, and motivate their learning.

Furthermore, we incorporate gamification into our pedagogical approach, enabling students to learn through interaction and active participation in various educational activities. Through gamification, students can improve their skills in different areas, from problem-solving to teamwork collaboration.

Ultimately, our strategy is focused on providing up-to-date and relevant education to prepare our students for the ever-evolving job market and life in general in a society that is constantly changing.

Get to Know Our Purpose

LGS was born from the vision of its CEO and founder, Evelyn Torres, and her team, with the purpose of providing international education to students from Latin America and other countries through an accredited and accessible virtual American high school, without the need to travel to the United States. LGS aims to transform traditional education by allowing students to learn from teachers from different parts of the world and their peers, promoting borderless education and cultural diversity.

The institution focuses on transforming the traditional perception of education and offering a new way of teaching, learning, and connecting, allowing students to explore the world through the knowledge and experiences of their teachers and peers, regardless of geographical barriers.

We are Education Without Borders.

Elementary School

We understand that the early years of cognitive development are crucial in shaping students. That’s why we focus on providing a pedagogical approach centered around the comprehension of concepts in real-life contexts. Through our active learning methodology, students can learn through hands-on experience, allowing them to retain information more effectively and apply it in everyday situations. We are committed to providing a quality education that promotes the holistic development of our students at LGS!

Middle School

We understand that fostering critical thinking is crucial during the Middle School stage. That’s why we focus on providing our students with the necessary tools to shape active citizens with innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. We promote critical thinking and assertive communication, essential skills for building the character of a responsible leader. Our goal is to provide a quality education that not only focuses on academic knowledge but also on the integral development of our students, preparing them to successfully face the challenges of the future.

High School

It’s a crucial stage in our students’ formation before entering college. That’s why we focus on fostering independence, responsibility, and respect. Additionally, we support and value creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ideas, providing the necessary tools for our students to carry out their projects. During this stage, our students have the opportunity to discover and develop their skills, interests, and talents while preparing for their academic and professional future.

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