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Quality and Excellence for all of Latin America
through our virtual school.

A quick and simple admission process

Everyone is welcome at LGS.

We are ready to provide your child with the best education. We are a digital and bilingual school, transforming society by creating life opportunities for children and young people to focus on changing the world through technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Learn all the details of our admission process here so that your child can become a part of the LGS family as soon as possible. Our admissions are open all year round!

We know flexibility and adaptability are essential for your family, which is why at LATAM Global School, we have open enrollments 365 days a year.

Steps to complete the enrollment process

Learn the step-by-step process for admission to LATAM Global School below.

Complete the enrollment application or get in touch with our representatives using the following buttons.

Receive information from our LGS representatives about the school, the necessary documents, and requirements.

Submit all the documents and requirements requested by the school.

Pay the enrollment fee and monthly/educational plan payment (send the payment receipt to admissions).

Receive your access credentials to the LMS and relevant information in your registered email. Your account is now active.

Enjoy the entire experience that LATAM Global School has prepared for your child.

Admission requirements and documentation

Digital documents

Send the following documents digitally to the email address

1. Completed and signed enrollment application and the student services contract.

2. One (1) digital color photo with a neutral or white background.

3. One (1) copy of your child’s identification document, as applicable: birth certificate, passport or identity card.

4. One (1) copy of the identification document of the guardian or representative, as applicable: foreign identity card, passport, or identity card.

5. Certificates of completion from previous years:

a. Elementary school: last grade completed and passed (not required for students entering kindergarten).

b. Middle school: last grade completed and passed.

c. High school: certificates of completion for the last three grades completed and passed.

Physical documents

The following documents must also be sent physically to our facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, USA:

1. The last transcript from the most recently completed grade (the document must be original or a properly notarized copy).

Note: This document can be sent within a maximum of 60 days after the platform is activated.

Shipping Address:

841 Prudential Drive,
12th Floor
Jacksonville, FL 32207
United States.
Phone: +1 904-352-7600
On name of LATAM Global School.

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