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The fear of contagion affects educational spaces. This statement has flooded various media in recent weeks.

This fear is due to the feeling of many parents in Latin America that they are not sure with the decision to send their children to classes, since the relevant security measures are not in place.

Given these circumstances, virtual education has taken on a lot of strength in recent months, becoming a very important catalyst factor in the face of the pandemic.

During this article we want to share with you 7 benefits of virtual education in the midst of the pandemic.

1- Virtual education makes available unlimited resources for continuous training, as well as access to various academic materials remotely. This means that direct interaction is not necessary.

2- Promotes individualized learning. This implies that direct interaction is not necessary to learn the subject, but rather that the student guarantees their learning in a virtual way and applies collaborative learning by sharing their knowledge. Of course, all this through the guidance of teachers and a virtual platform that meets the academic needs of each student.

3 – The geographical factor is not a limitation, you can study from your home thus complying with the isolation measures without putting yourself at risk of contagion.

4- Virtual education today is fun and didactic. There are audiovisual and gamification elements, which allow each student to enjoy their training process.

5- Self-learning elements are developed. In traditional institutions, students form an image of dependency in their learning, that is, they depend on a person who constantly motivates them to fulfill their educational responsibilities. In virtual education this element is different, since students have a very important role in their education, because they have the opportunity to choose how to study and what resources to use.

6- Bullying or bullying is reduced, since students are not subject to criticism for their appearance, way of speaking, etc.

7- The advance or progress in the study objectives occurs individually, avoiding competition among others in an unhealthy way.

These are some of the benefits. Virtual education is as effective a medium as conventional education, so it should not surprise you that in the future one surpasses the other, as it has been doing in recent months.

Virtual education is a tool. As a virtual school we consider that the future is in virtuality, it may not happen 100% because interaction is important, but it will have a great role in the formation of the human being as it has been doing in recent years.

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