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In recent years, the application of new technologies in the educational area has become more dominant, this is the case of augmented reality.

In Lara’s report (2021) to Michael Abrash, scientific leader of Facebook Reality Labs, it was said that currently interacting in a flat and two-dimensional way with the digital world. These forms are by touching the screens of our cell phones and computers or by clicking or tabbing. According to the report carried out, this perception prevents the potential of our brain from being released, unlike augmented reality, which tries to make a three-dimensional world that allows access to information in the way it was designed, mixing the real and virtual in a free way, and giving rise to a process of collaboration and problem solving in an effective way.

Currently, you can live the augmented reality experience through a VR headset. Today these helmets must be connected to a PC or device, but we want to develop such helmets so that they can interact freely in the environment and that instead of depending on a mouse for their execution, they can do so through the movement perceived in the objects.

Another important objective of augmented reality is the possibility of sharing virtual spaces with other people, regardless of where they are. For education, this would be a very interesting process, since students will be able to share from their homes or in a particular space with their classmates.

Another element is the contribution of augmented reality in the aspect of languages ​​and their learning, traveling virtually to see iconic places while interacting with the environment, simulating situations and reactions, substantially improving the learning process.

For this reason, it is believed that augmented reality will be the dominant technology in the next 50 years, and it is the reason why LATAM Global School is focused on developing and applying these new technologies in learning processes. Proof of this is our augmented reality application VisualLatam, with which you can learn science. You can download the App for free from the Android or IOS Play Store and enjoy this wonderful technology applied in education.



Lara, C. F. (2021, 6 mayo). Like it or not, augmented and virtual reality will be the dominant technology for the next 50 years. Forbes México. 

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