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Many think that the implementation of technology in education is innovation, but the truth is that it is totally false, the application of technology in education without a purpose does not bring good results.

The concept of educational innovation goes much further, where the role of the student and the teacher are transformed, and it is not simply the work of a person who gives the information and some students who receive it. Technology allows us to go further and change these traditions that have long permeated educational systems.

¿How should education and technology be related correctly?

Mainly when technology responds to a need, it has the power to generate in students the ability to create and generate proposals that help in their individual and collaborative learning, where the teacher, with the help of technology, can become a facilitator that motivates them to wake up. curiosity in your students.

Purposefully applied technology transforms the act of studying a lesson, invites you to live educational experiences through various tools: gamification, augmented reality, collaborative learning, etc.

And in the end, when the correct application of technology is given, a very important objective is achieved: the development of a sense of responsibility and purpose in the student, where they can see through their studies the usefulness it has and the application of what it has. that they are studied, and that this can improve or change their environment.

This totally changes the technological approach, most think about the ostentatious or material aspect, but the reality is when technology is applied with an educational purpose.

For this reason, the focus of technology in education is related to creating spaces or scenarios where the student can develop their potential of it to the maximum and understand how knowledge of it is applied to reality.

In short, the use of technology in education must have a reason, since without purpose it is simply another tool.

At Latam Global School we have this goal, our objective is to design virtual spaces through technology that allow us to develop the potential of each of our students, individually and collaboratively.


Introducing only technology in the school is not innovating. Óscar Martín Centeno, director and teacher. (2021, 15 marzo). [Vídeo]. YouTube. 

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