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The history of Thanksgiving dates back to the 17th century. At that time, some pilgrims were fleeing persecution in English lands due to cultural differences.

These pilgrims set out on a journey to found a colony where they could settle and protect their families. So they crossed the Atlantic on a ship called the “Mayflower” and settled in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, in the United States, on December 11, 1620.

When they arrived in these lands, winter affected them, leaving them practically dying and without resources to survive. In the midst of this difficult situation, more than half of these pilgrims died. Those who survived, it was thanks to the help of the aborigines of the place, called Wampanoag, who despite having been attacked by previous settlers, decided to help them with food and shelter.

In this way, the pilgrims managed to live, they lacked nothing and the aborigines took care of them until spring. During that time, the indigenous people of the place taught them to hunt and cultivate; at that time one of the hunting preferences was the turkey, a very important animal to survive in adverse climates.

When autumn arrived, the pilgrims had the wonderful idea of ​​having a meal and inviting the indigenous people to eat to thank them for their help.

That special moment, full of meaning and gratitude, is the one that is celebrated today as Thanksgiving, this action of the pilgrims being not only a meal and a prayer of thanks, but rather a way of living in gratitude.

This day was formally established by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 to be celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

This holiday reminds us of the special value of gratitude. This wonderful story that makes up this day shows us that people can feel grateful for what they have, be it a lot or a little. That is why on Thanksgiving day it is common to share the table with different people in the form of gratitude.

During this year we have experienced many difficult moments, but just as there were difficult moments we also lived moments of growth, reinvention and generosity. That is why today we come together as a family to celebrate Thanksgiving and simply make a gesture of gratitude for each of those people who have believed in this Latam Global School project to promote an education without borders. Because despite the difficulties, we have been able to move forward and continue to bring quality education to every family in Latin America.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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